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MTV 2010 Movie Awards

8 Jun

Needless to say last night’s awards show was pretty interesting. Tom Cruise as his alter ego Les Grossman did a hilarious performance with JLo and his spoofs with Taylor Lautner & RPattz were certainly a treat to us Twi-hards. Tom Felton winning Best Villan for his roll in HP6 which made me very happy! Sandra Bullock was honored with the Generation Award for all of her efforts in 2009, during her acceptance speech she seemed a bit tense due to the fact that Scarlett Johansson was there, but ended up kissing her at the end.

But the night was clearly all about The Twilight Saga because it took home an award in each of the categories for which it was nominated. Clearly this is no surprise whatsoever but it’s still exciting for the fans. I can say that I was cheering out loud in my living room every time they won another award. Overall the Saga took home awards for:

Best Female | Kristen Stewart

Best Male | Rob Pattinson

Best Kiss | Kristen Stewart & Rob Pattinson

Best Movie | The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Global Superstar | Rob Pattinson

Best Breakout Star | Anna Kendrick

I’m going to save you from me ranting about how amazingly amazing I think it is that Twilight took home practically every award and how the name of the show should be called The Twilight Saga Awards because I’d like to talk about something else: KStew & RPattz.

They won for Best Kiss this year!Here is a video of the acceptance speech:

They also won Best Kiss last year as well and here is the acceptance speech:

Anyone who has a brain knows that when you win in this particular category that you’re kind of obligated to kiss during your acceptance speech. Now, I understand that they are actors and all, but I can’t help but think that they are dating. I mean, its ridiculously obvious and they’re probably going to pull another Britney & Justin by denying it forever until one day they finally decide to come out, and by then no one will even give a damn because it’s like “oh yeah, we’ve known that since forever.”

Their behavior overall definitely says something. The way they look at each other all nervously yet not nervous at all. They appear to be truly comfortable with each other, not just because they’ve worked together for a while, but because they just click. Even if they aren’t dating I certainly wish that they were because they both weird enough in the same ways to be a couple. There’s just something about them that really makes you wonder.

What do you think?

Are they dating or are they just really good actors?