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Bedtime Rant: Memorial Day Weekend

31 May

We desperately need more 3 day weekends!

I spent my holiday weekend up in Hunterdon County visiting my friend Kristina (K-tina for short) and her family. She lives in such a beautiful part of New Jersey with all sorts of old beautiful houses from way way wayyy back when, lots and lots of gorgeous greenery, winding roads, and old style gas stations, it’s kind of like taking a step back in time.

I left on Friday evening around 6:45 and drove the hour & a half journey up there, which was surprisingly relaxing given the open road and the fact that everyone was heading in the opposite direction towards the shore. Upon arrival, we went into town and had dinner at this nice restaurant called Bensi, and we actually ended up getting the same exact meal: penne alla vodka! We definitely should have shared one dish instead because even the lunch portion was far too much for either of us.

On Saturday we got up early, much to my reluctance, and headed across the only toll-free bridge in New Jersey (that I know of) to this outdoor flea market that is only open on Tuesdays (the big day) and Saturdays. I only picked up a few items but the most important were these two adorable cacti. The red-topped one is called a graphed cactus, meaning the top piece and the bottom piece are from two separate breeds of cactus, then they are places together and they naturally fuse together, pretty sweet huh? I’m not too sure what the breed of the other cactus is just yet, but the guy gave me the “Arizona discount” as he called it because I told him I lived there. Apparently they grow their stock of cactus just south of Casa Grande, which was pretty sweet.

After we left Rices, we walked around New Hope for a couple hours, which is mostly an artsy community with all sorts of interesting people and shops set in this old town that was totally preserved throughout the years. It’s truly a beautiful place for sure. At night we went back to New Hope to place called Havanas to basically people watch and see this particular live band (Bone Head) that K-tina likes. I have to admit that they were pretty damn good and I’m definitely going to see them again.

On Sunday, we went to the Lambertville Antique Flea Market and it was amazingly amazing to say the least. It was exactly what I’ve been looking for. Since it was my first time I mainly took mental notes of what kinds of stuff was being sold there so as to prepare for future visits. I did, however, score some cool skeleton keys which I plan to use in some of my creations for my shoppe soon enough, and this super awesomespice map (I don’t know the exact measurements offhand) of Disneyland’s Magic Kingdom from 1964. It was in perfect condition, the color was perfect as well as the corners, and although it was folded up–it was done very precisely. The rest of the day was spent sitting outside by the pool.

Home is where the Bellatrix is.

I came home today and went straight to my parents house to see Bella. She broke her hind leg–specifically the femur broke right at the ball (ball & socket) and the ball actually drifted off and into the muscle, so her leg was basically dangling there. The vet said she could have just let it heal that way without surgery but leaving the ball where it was could potentially cause a problem in the future. She went into the hospital on Thursday afternoon, had surgery early Friday morning, and was home (at my parents house) by noon on Saturday.

My mom has been with this vet since before I was born when he started his practice, so she really trusts him and has a good relationship with him and his staff, so I felt comfortable with her taking Bella for the weekend while I was away. Plus, I knew she’d be zonked out and if something were to go wrong, she’d be much closer to the hospital than if she went home with Ben. And it gave him a chance to have a weekend free of responsibilities, although I have no idea how that worked out yet.

As of now, she has to wear that silly cone thing and stay in this large cage for 10 whole days! She gets her stitches out on the 9ths which is when she’ll be free of that cone & cage business. The doctor said it’ll take around 3-4 months for her to fully recover which sucks but at least she’s back to her old spunky self. I really hate that she has to be locked up like that but the doctor insists upon it saying that she needs her rest. Everytime I’ve come into my bedroom (where she is staying) she gets super excited and rubs her little Siamese face all over everything and she meows likes crazy, so I can see why it’s essential that she have peace and quiet because all she wants to is be out those shackles already.

I’m actually spending the night at my parents house so I can be closer to Bella during her recovery. I really miss Benny and I know he misses me too, especially because we haven’t been apart this long since I moved back home in January, but I need to be with Bella right now. After losing Peaches unexpectedly, I can’t take any chances with Bella in this kind of state. That’s definitely the motherly instincts in me coming out because I hate to be apart from her and the weekend seemed like an eternity knowing she had surgery and all that jazz.

Definitely a great weekend, although last year’s events will be hard to top, and this year’s certainly didn’t make the cut. But hey, I’m only being honest.