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Monday Morning Rant

7 Dec

Is it Monday already? This weekend seemed to be longer than normal or maybe it’s because I’ve been unemployed for too long and the end of another semester has got my head spinning.


After checking my Gmail this morning, I checked out Google Reader to see what was going on in the RSS world. I stumbled upon an article on Penelope Trunk’s blog, which is based around career advice, about how to decide where to live. In the article she talks about a flexibility, relative income, commute time vs. family time, amongst other things.

I felt that this piece would be beneficial to share with you  seeing as how I have countless friends (or so it seems) with college degrees and not a single job prospect in their respective residential area. Most of these friends tell me how frustrated they are with their lack of a career-level (what they went to school for) jobs and that their standard-level jobs (restaurant jobs, telemarketing jobs, etc.) simply aren’t cutting it with paying rent, racked up student loans, and any kind of personal pleasures or recreation.

They also tell me how they’ve even considered relocating to just about anywhere as they can find a decent job that will offer financial support. Several friends have even asked me about living in Phoenix and what it’s like, seeing as how I’ve falling so willingly in love with the desert. And I always start off with how inexpensive the cost of living is here and how it’s a great place for young people to start out versus Los Angeles, since so many friends are drawn there.

Then, of course, I go into the endless list of activities offered in the area: nightlife, hiking, boating, winter sports up north, arts, etc. But I always fail to offer any real career advice, which I can’t because it’s not exactly something I know much about, other than that “Phoenix is a networking town” as several friends have told me.

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