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The Past Week

11 Apr

Forgive my lack in posting, last weekend was much busier than expected. On Friday I took my mom grocery shopping which turned into a much longer event than planned. We started off at Friendly’s where we had a delicious lunch and of course I had to finish the meal off with a Cone Head sundae.

On Saturday my friend Zach came over to hang out for the day. We went for a stroll through Parvin’s State Park which is only a few minutes away. I found some cool spots for picnics, which Ben & I will be taking advantage of once the trees fill out a bit more.

There’s a several mile long trail that wraps around the entire lake but we only walked about a quarter of the length because we started to get pretty hungry.

Here is Zach, who is taking a picture of me taking a picture of him, with his ultra nifty camera. He went to school for photography and graduated with his Bachelor’s last year (hire him!).

He taught me how to use a few of the settings on my camera, which is a piece of junk in comparison to his, but better than the average digital camera.

After the park we headed into town and straight for the best diner in town: The Golden Palace. Ben & Zach ordered some kind of special and I had the obligatory grilled cheese and salad. If only I could find the salad dressing they serve there or at most restaurants, because I’d be living on salads if I could!

We headed over to Michael’s Crafts after we filled ourselves to the brim with delicious diner food. I bought a new paint brush and some other random paint-related things and Ben bought an instructional book on painting for us to learn from. Before we knew it, it was nearly time to head to the movies–the drive in movies that is.

They were showing Clash of the Titans and She’s Out of My League on screen 1 and How to Train Your Dragon and The Bounty Hunter on screen 2. We wanted to see How to Train Your Dragon and She’s Out of My League but they would have charged us to see both seeing as they’re on two different screens. The way it works is that you pay $8 (adult) to see a double feature on one screen, so we would have had to pay double to see one movie on one screen and the other movie on the other screen. There was clearly no way we were going to comply with that kind of ridiculousness so we strategically parked so we could see both movies. We had to sit sideways for the second movie but it was certainly worth it for sure. The food there was amazing and it was reasonably priced. And by reasonably priced I mean it was a fraction of the cost of the typical movie theater.

Sunday was (obviously) Easter, so I ended up going to my parent’s while Ben went with his for a bit. By the time I made it to my parents they had already eaten and I didn’t care much for the food they did have, so I just hung out for a bit and headed back home where I found Ben walking out of the shower, talk about perfect timing. He was so excited to see me and said, “You’re here! I was just thinking about how badly I wanted you to be here, so I don’t have to go to my dad’s by myself.” His dad only lives across the driveway but there was a ton of people there he didn’t know which made him feel a bit nervous. The night ended up being a lot of fun which was the perfect end to a fun weekend.

This past week has been a busy one with an unexpected visit by one of Ben’s friends and his annoying girlfriend on Monday. We thought they were just stopping by to pick up what they had left during their previous visit but it turned into an all evening visit. During the first hour they were here they both just sat in the living room doing nothing. My plan was to continue working on the chair & stool I’ve been restoring but that didn’t work out. Tuesday I woke up feeling great. Ben & I went to pick out a new stove (glasstop!) but on the way home I was hit with a terrible migraine, like one of those dizzy ones where any sudden movement makes it hurt a million times worse, so nothing was accomplished that day. Wednesday was spent mostly painting some of my birdhouses and other things I’m preparing for my Etsy shop debut. Thursday was my mom’s birthday so I had a delicious lunch with her followed by a visit to see my step-dad at work and then a quick visit to Michael’s craft store. The rest of Thursday was spent working on more things for my Etsy shop and Friday was the same. At night time we went over to my parents and had a pizza party for my mom’s 49th birthday followed by yet another excursion to Michael’s. Basically, this entire week has consisted of stocking up on paint and other supplies and working on stuff for my Etsy shop but it’s worth all work for sure, I can’t wait to officially open my shop!

How’s everyone’s weekend been so far?