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RIP Peaches Honey Blossom

3 Mar

I don’t even know how to start this any other way but to say that my beloved lilac point Siamese, Peaches Honey Blossom, is no longer with us. Never did I expect to be writing about something like this so soon, I though perhaps maybe in ten years or so I’d be sitting down at 35 years of age writing about the death of my cat, not the untimely death however.

What Happened

It was on Saturday the 27th around 5:00pm when I was gathering dirty laundry in the bedroom when I noticed Peaches laying in between two plastic storage bins inside the closet. I immediately pushing the laundry basket aside and saw that she was still breathing but her right hind leg was sticking out in an odd way so I picked it up and it fell so lifelessly to the floor.

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