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The Honey Blossom Boutique is now open for business!

22 Apr

Is it Thursday already?!

After about two months of planning and prepping I officially opened my Etsy shoppe–Honey Blossom Boutique–on Tuesday night. I’ve only listed 5 items at the moment but I have a bunch of other finished products that will be making their way into my shoppe very very soon. My shoppe features a variety of eclectic handmade & vintage decor for the home, specifically timeless pieces that you’ll never get sick of looking at and can be shuffled around to look good in almost any setting.

What’s in a name?

The idea for the shoppe name came from none other than my beloved Peaches Honey Blossom. I wanted to keep her spirit alive through my handcrafted items that I’ve created for homes everywhere. I want people to open up their package and feel like they’ve receive a gift from Honey Blossom Boutique instead of feeling like they’ve just spent money. And as each new person receives their package from HBB they, too, can have a part of my prissy little Siamese in their homes.

What’s available in the shoppe?

The bulk of the items include handcrafted & painted and vintage candle holders for long stem candles. There’s something very classy and elegant about seeing candle holders in someone’s home, almost as if you know that they have a romantic side to them or that sharing an intimate dinner with friends and family by way of candle light is very important. I have a variety of colors already finished including light baby pink, white and tan (respectively) with a silvery iridescent accent to them, which I think adds a bit of vintage flair to them, deep almost blood red, classic black, and cerulean blue.

What can you expect in the future from HBB?

I’m currently working on a couple of pairs that are Harry Potter-themed, there will be red & gold for Gryffindor and deep green & silver for Slytherin, as well as pairs for Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Now, I know you’re probably laughing at me for wanting to have Harry Potter themed candle holders but what it comes down to is that red & gold and green & silver look good together no matter what.

I’m also going to be adding embellishments to some of the candle holders as well but that’s as much as I can tell you for now. The various lines of candle holders will also include a large variety of wonderful colors both paired and mixed & matched for your visual delight.

Other products that will be sold in my store include paintings, birdhouses, personalized letters, and other amazingly amazing handmade and vintage finds. Custom orders are currently being accepted on the candle holders, so if there is a color scheme you’d like or a solid color for a pair, please email me at honeyblossomboutique@gmail.com or visit my page and click ‘contact’.

Click here to visit my shoppe!

I hope you love what you see.

❤ Lauren