I’m Lauren, a 25 year old loud mouthed east coast girl from overly fast-paced New Jersey, living my life in the sonic-powered sun drenched desert that is Phoenix, Arizona.

I simply do not have time (that’s the east coast girl speaking) for bullshit. Drama is not attractive. It reeks of surface level vomit that I won’t associate myself with.

For those astrology lovers, like myself, my sun is in Scorpio with a rising Sagittarius, and my moon is in Libra.

Current & Future Plans

I’m a breathe of fresh air that you so desperately need.

The girl who put its out there, so you wrap it around your head, then put it in your pipe and smoke it. I may be living on the west coast these days, but as the saying goes: you can take the girl out of New Jersey, but you certainly can’t take that east coast tell-it-like-it-is-attitude out of the girl.

In the real world: I’m currently studying to become a Relationship Therapist-Marriage Counselor. I divide my time between school, managing a laundry list of friends from coast-to-coast (moving cross country does that to you), and working a variety of interesting jobs that pay my rent, teach me more about the functionality of people, and on the occasion, allow me to get a word in edge wise.

Interests, Hobbies, & The Like

This is an easy one – I like pepper spray!

And no, I’m not sorry for the bad joke.

I like dancing, driving my gas guzzling SUV, good music, talking to anyone who will listen to me rant, advise anyone who needs it, blogging (duh!) , traveling/road trips.

I love reading The Harry Potter Series and The Twilight Saga over and over again, expecting to actually come across something different that I missed the previous time around.

As of recently, I’ve taken a strong interest in creative writing — something I’ve never thought myself capable of. If you’d like to read my A+ (and I mean that literally) essays, shoot me an email or leave me a comment and I’d be glad to send a copy over to you.

Oh, and I absolutely adore my Siamese cat, Peaches Honey Blossom.

My Life’s Purpose

Ahh, yes sir, as a matter of fact I do have a purpose — a grand scheme, if you will.

To take as many risks as possible.

To be able to say that, in the end if it does not work out in my favor, at least “I tried.” To learn and take some from each and every experience I have.

I should clarify that I don’t view experiences as successes or failures, but only as something that which can be learned from. It’s important to me to be able to take something from each one had and think of it as an opportunity for the future rather than loathe in the misery of a mistake or misfortune, to be proactive.

And of course I have a bucket list.

My Style

I don’t have a particular writing style other than whatever comes out of my finger tips during that particular moment. For me, writing is a form of release. All the crazy ideas brewing in my stew of a brain need to be stored somewhere, right? I’ve simply got to get it out, onto a place, toy with a bit, then arrange it perfectly for the taking.

When I was a child, my mother always told me “Lauren, your mouth is going to get you somewhere someday”, and I think she just may be right. Or at least I hope!

One thing that must be understood is that I’m not cocky or egotistical. I’m your everyday, run of the mill, above average 20-something who simply wants her voice to be heard.

The Obsessions

Macaroni & cheese. Twilight. Harry Potter. My beloved and very much missed, Wawa. The cleanliness and organization of my apartment. The feng shui of my book case. How well the Philadelphia Eagles do in Sunday’s game. Peaches Honey Blossom. And whether or not scorpions are prancing around my apartment like they own the place.

Fortunately for me, my amazing other half supports all of my weirdness! I love you Ben!


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  1. benarcher December 8, 2009 at 4:55 pm #

    Don’t worry about scorpions – me and Peaches have you covered/ Together we form the Scorpion Hazard Indignation Team, or S.H.I.T, of which we are. I love you, as does Peaches!

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