Top Five: Random Thoughts

1 Jun

Alright, I know it’s been since February since I’ve written a top-five but I don’t feel all that bad about it considering I was depressed for the last several months. However, I’d like to reinstate this weekly ritual by writing about five random thoughts I’ve been having lately.

So, I’m begging for forgiveness and hoping that you will all understand what depression can do, because until I experienced it myself I honestly didn’t know, even with my expensive education totaling 7 very long intense years and taking every psychology class under the sun (even though it wasn’t apart of the psych major requirements) you’d think that I’d be well aware of what depression entails. Anyway, enough of that.

1. I ordered this spectacular headband from this girl who’s blog I follow, Busy Bee Lauren, and I have yet to receive it. No, I’m not impatient but I ordered it on May 10th! Like, I understand that she is 22 and married with a husband, she just moved into a new townhouse, she has a job, and she got sick recently, but don’t you think that she would want to ship out my order in a timely fashion?

The Harry Potter Headbad.

When I found her blog I got really excited because she’s from Phoenix and then I found out that we shared a mutual friend, which made me even more excited, and then I found out that she made cool headbands (which inspired me to open my own Etsy shoppe) which caused even more excitement. Now I just feel like requesting a refund even though I ordered this super bombspice Harry Potter themed headband. So, needless to say that it is now officially June 1st and I still haven’t received my shit.

2. Speaking of June 1st, this means that there is only 29 days left until The Twilight Saga: Eclipse hits theaters. I don’t even care that I’m 25 and completely obsessed with this epic vampire series because that’s exactly it: it’s epic. I’m fighting the urge to re-read the book and just sticking to reading the twice-weekly chapter recaps by, which comes out on Mondays and Fridays. The person who writes this has done a brilliant job and even calculated it so that there will be two chapters per week until the release of it’s movie counterpart.

Damn Jake, all indignant that you're second best and shit.

Basically, I’m on the edge of my seat excited to see what David Slade has created. My expectations (along with everyone else I’m sure) are extremely high. Catherine Hardwicke did a great job with introducing the story via movie to the world, but Chris Weitz did a bomb-ass job with New Moon, therefore Mr. Slade has got a lot riding on him to make this one even better. Bill Condon is slated to direct Breaking Dawn, but who knows how that’ll turn out! All I want is to see more vampire-werewolf action and everything else from the book brought to life.

Dear June 30th, hurry the fuck up and get here already! Love, Lauren.

3. I really wish these TV networks would stop exploiting New Jersey by making it look like we’re all a bunch of orange oompa loompas with no brains. Why don’t they have a show about all of the brilliantly talented people from our proud little state? I mean, people from every where else make fun of New Jersey because it’s the “armpit of America” but what about all of the hick towns across the US? Um, heller!? There are definitely far worse places than New Jersey and anyone who has truly explored it will know that (i.e. Hunterdon County, Haddonfield, Moorestown). Let’s just say that only a tiny fraction of the Garden State consists of those fucktards you see on TV.

Hunterdon County, NJ.

The worst part is when I’m asked where I’m from by someone in Phoenix and I tell them New Jersey, they automatically ask me why I don’t have the accent and some even go as far as asking why I’m not tan. Well, first of all I’m not from New York and no one in my family has the South Jersey-South Philly accent, and secondly I can’t afford to go tanning, so unless you want to pay for it, don’t ask.

4. I’m rereading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and I’ve got to comment on how much stuff they left out of the movie. Okay, I understand that the book is 734 pages long (yes, I just got up to check) and that they considered making this into a two-part movie, but there are so many funny parts in the beginning of the book alone that really should have made it to the movie, at least for the sake of the fans anyway.

This is where I'm at in the book.

The part when Harry receives the invitation to spend the rest of the summer holiday with Ron and his family and Harry tells his uncle about how he’s been writing to Sirius Black to frighten him a bit. And when the Weasley’s (George, Fred, Ron, and Mr. Weasley) come to pick Harry up via the Floo Network only to discover that the Dursley’s fireplace has been closed off. I thought the way Mr. Weasley handled that entire situation was pure comedy. There is no bridge between the Muggle world and the Wizarding world as far as the Dursley’s are concerned so their uptight behavior was downright hilarious. Maybe I’m just a freak and my obsession with Harry Potter is proof of that?

Avada Kedavra, motherfucker.

5. Honestly, I need a new glass of Coke right now but I’m too lazy (more like tired) to get up and refresh. The last few days have been quite productive and the way that K-tina’s family gets so much shit done in a day like it’s all cake work totally inspired me to get more stuff done. My ex-friend Hara is one of those super productive people too but she didn’t understand that not everyone is capable or willing to do even a fraction of what she does in a day.

I really miss this place, but I'll be back again very soon.

I think because I’m trying to work myself out of this depression, which I feel that I’m doing a great job thus far, that I feel that it’s necessary to get as much done as I possibly can including multi-tasking in different ways than what I’m used to. Overall, I’m happy about this change of behavior and I’m hoping its here to stay for a while because I’ve been getting a lot more done and feeling a lot less annoyed about doing certain tasks.


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