Weekend Update

16 Mar

Sunday marked six months for Ben & I, and it’s almost been a surreal half-year period since we started dating last September. We’ve been through so much together and nothing has weakened our bond, even moving in together so quickly (due to moving home on such short notice) has proved to be a wonderful thing. We never get sick of each other or being around each other all the time, which says a lot. In celebration of anniversary Ben endured watching took me to see Remember Me, the new Rob Pattinson flick which I must say was pretty damn good and very emotional at the end but I don’t want to give anything away just yet.

He also hung up my map of the United States that I had bought several months back to mark our road trips and places we’ve been and plan to go. Originally, I had it hanging up in my apartment in Arizona but I never put any push pins in it because I wanted a nice big cork board to hang it on. I’m planning on putting photos around it and a legend of course, as well as highlighting the various routes driven.

I made Ben this painting, which he says reminds him of a tuxedo. It’s the first painting I’ve ever done before so forgive it’s lack of detail. My skill lay with the sharpie marker and a sketch book, but with my new painting venture I’m hoping my work will improve with time.

In other news, I think we’ve finally come up with a full new for Bellatrix: Bellatrix LeSwan Longbottom! Quite ridiculous I know, but that’s how I roll with pet names, haha. She’s adjusted so well to our home and I’m so excited to have her here with us, she’s getting so big already. Here are a few shots of her that I took today.

What’s new with everyone in the blogging world?!


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