Bedtime Rant: Commenting Failure

6 Mar

Some fucktard commented on my post about Peaches and said this:

You are a real ass! Looks like your mom tried to help you and you cannot see it. Someday maybe you can grow up and see what parents can do for you. Sounds to me like your mom really is concerned for you. Take it from me….I learned the hard way. my parents tried to ttell me things and helped me alot and I was too stupid to realize it all. Having been on my own now I know how good it was with them. I miss it but was not smart enough to know when I had it good.

Another thing, it is not really a good idea to tell your life story here as MANY jobs hiring do Google searches for their potential employees and if they was to see this , you would be fired before yo started! I speak from experience since I am a manager of a local establishment that you are seeking employment from! Wake up before it is too late.


Whoever this was left as their email address and I did a search of the IP address to find out its exact location. I laughed at this response because it was so beyond far fetched that I couldn’t believe someone would dare to post such crap on my blog! So, of course, I responded back coyly, saying:

You don’t even know what you’re talking about!!!!! You don’t know jack shit about the history of my relationship with my mother before this situation took place!

AND if you were actually a manager of a local establishment that I applied to (which I have not applied to any local establishments) than you would NOT be calling me an ASS on a public website! Plus, your grammar and punctuation are completely off which discredits you furthermore!

I’d suggest two things: 1. Go back to school and learn how to write properly and 2. Learn ALL factual information and full history of the situation before you dare to leave another comment on my blog!

And to this person, whoever you may be (and I am certain that I fairly well know who it is), you’re a fucking idiot and you desperately need to seek help.

I’m quite amused at how pathetic people are and how much people seem to feed off of negativity. I don’t have time for this kind dramatic bullshit. I don’t have time for negative people or being surrounded by miserable people who are constantly lying to themselves, who are uneducated and misguided, who are so blind to their own faults, that it blinds them of everything wonderful in life. I simply cannot and will not be weighed down by such negativity, its truly an inconvenience of grant affect.

Takes deep breath.

Okay, enough ranting for the evening, but please don’t leave here with a frown on your face, for tomorrow brings very big, exciting news!!


One Response to “Bedtime Rant: Commenting Failure”

  1. benarcher March 10, 2010 at 5:23 am #

    This was clearly your mom

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