Recognition, Honesty, and The Cigarette Journey

22 Feb

Today’s events included waking up around 9:45, then falling back asleep until 10:45 when my phone kept vibrating from all the voice mails my mom was leaving, then speeding to get ready so I could accompany her to Delaware to purchase several million cartons of cigarettes. Okay, so it was only six but that’s a lot of fucking cigarettes!

During the journey we talked a lot about life and the different types of problems people have that we’re blinded of during their life and how we never seem to notice them until after they’ve passed on. Well, this isn’t the case for me but maybe it’s because I’m a Scorpio and I pay close attention to just about everything, but I’m not always focused 100% of the time either.

This subject got me thinking about how we live our lives in such a variety of ways, that some of us are praised or valued for certain attributes while other people are shunned on for various other, less appealing, attributes. What I can’t seem to comprehend is why no one is willing to ever admit that there is a problem? Or why someone else who sees that there is something wrong won’t offer any help? And why do we have to wait until people die for any of our respectable qualities to be given praise or any kind of recognition? What’s wrong with giving credit where it’s due?

It’s annoying to have to be wait until someone dies to learn the truth about them or what they were really about. What if, just for a moment, people were honest about themselves, flaws and all? I feel like the world would crumble into a bazillion pieces if that ever happened. I feel like people have so much trouble with communication, with saying how they truly feel, that this world is literally crippling right before my eyes.

It’s always difficult to say how you truly feel. Like, no I don’t think that dress looks good on you because […] but this one over here would look fan-fucking-tastic. I know it comes down to common sense, understanding proper social cues, and having a fairly decent understanding of how people world, but why can’t we just be honest? What is so difficult about it?

I think I could on and on and on about how I think people have a fucked up rhythm of communication, how people have clogged their minds with so much bullshit making it nearly impossible to ever speak a word of honesty, but I digress. The world will never learn any kind really useful communication skills at the rate its going. And I’m going to blow a gasket if I don’t get a cigarette.

Be honest people, it’s not that fucking hard.


One Response to “Recognition, Honesty, and The Cigarette Journey”

  1. benarcher February 25, 2010 at 7:05 am #

    “Like, no I don’t think that dress looks good on you because […] but this one over here would look fan-fucking-tastic” lol, love it

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