Valentine’s Day

15 Feb

Here I am the day after Valentine’s Day sitting at my desk with the heater blasting, beautiful boyfriend sitting adjacent, and feeling fully fucking annoyed. And why am I feeling this way? Because of how immature people can be on the holiday that celebrates love. It’s one thing to not have someone to share the holiday with but it’s a completely different situation when you have to be faced with all of the miserable people out there who exploit their unhappiness.

When I log into Facebook each morning, I enjoy scrolling through the news feed to see what’s been going on with everyone, except for Valentine’s Day. I found myself thoroughly annoyed upon reading the extensive amount of status updates about “being lonely” and “wishing I had someone to be with on Valentine’s Day”.

What really is gets to me is when people who are very clearly single for whatever reason (failed marriage, can’t keep a significant other, etc.) comment on my happy status update about how magnificent the day is going saying shit like “TMI” and “BARRRFFFF”. Guess fucking what?! Just because I’m happy doesn’t mean that anyone has the right to assault it because they are not.

I can’t stand the fact that people are so pathetic that they feel the need to proclaim their bitterness in such a public way. You make yourself look fucking pathetic, careless, immature, and downright jealous when you do shit like that. Remember what your mother taught you about not saying anything if you don’t have anything nice to say? She clearly said it for a fucking reason and obviously it never sunk in.

On the flip side, I did have a fantastic holiday with my beloved who showered me with his loving affection. I awoke to a scavenger hunt which led to the most beautiful hand-made card, beautiful bouquet of my favorite flowers (star gazer lilies), and ended with delicious snacks and a movie in bed. And of course Peaches Honey Blossom was there for the flick.

What I loved the most about Valentine’s Day is the affect it has on people. It’s a bloody holiday for Christ’s sake so why on earth would you let it get to you? Call me cynical but I’m quite amused by this because it says so much about a person’s soul. And who in their right mind would ever want to be with someone so evil?


One Response to “Valentine’s Day”

  1. benarcher February 15, 2010 at 7:19 pm #

    It was a really great day. I love you

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