Bedtime Rant: A New Endeavour.

19 Dec

Alright, I’m keeping this simple because I’ve got one hell of a headache and I desperately need to get in and bed and watch Charles in Charge.

Ben and I have decided to make our Dear Ben and Dear Lauren books public by way of a blog. Call it a side project if you will, but from the feedback we’ve received on the books themselves, plus the idea for the blog was more than enough for us to make it a reality.

The idea behind the book can be found under the About the Blog section. The rest of the pages are still in development but they will soon be up and running. My friend Rich said to focus on the content until everything else is in place, so please be sure and check it out.

And I’m sure you’re thinking “why should I check it out?”

Well, you should because it’s the reality of our relationship as it unfolds. There won’t be any filtering to what we say and it’s going to be very real. We’re going to be updating it as often as we normally do with the actual books, which we’ve found that the books served as a very effective tool for communication.

So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to the Dear Ben, Dear Lauren blog.


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