Blog Updates.

15 Dec

I’ve been spending countless hours working on this blog and I feel like I’ve gotten nowhere. And I know exactly what’s holding me back. I don’t have a cool design and I can’t do jack with the free crap that WordPress offers. The fonts are all wrong, the colors are hideous, the layout in its entirety is driving me fucking nuts.

Stay clam, Lauren. Breathe.

I’m considering going to the bank down the street, feeding the damn ATM money, and buying the damn CSS upgrade so I can at least make this thing pretty! Having it look pretty will make me much happier.

  • New bookmarking icons, including Twitter, Tumbler, RSS Feed, Facebook, Email, Stumbleupon, and Skype. However, the Skype button is not working just yet.
  • Created a Stumbleupon account.
  • Moved my bucket list under my about page.
  • Renamed the headings in my about page, as well as changing the heading color.
  • Updated the list of electrifying blogs.
  • Posted a new Top-Five today and updated the Top-Five Tuesday’s page.
  • Ben created a variety of signatures to use at the end of each post. Thank you Benny!

Overall, it seems as if I’ve done a lot and I feel like I have, especially with how much work some of these tasks involve. In time, this puppy will be up and running accordingly and hopefully receiving much more traffic than what it does for now.


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