Descriptive Words and Alternate Meanings

6 Dec

“Let me ask you this” says Miree, with the hint of a laugh in her voice, “what’s your definition of a slut?”

I say to her “someone who will have sex with anyone and everyone without any regard for themselves or the other person.”

“See, that’s the same as mine.”

She went on to tell me how her friend Kyle has a completely different definition of the word. His being a little overkill personally and honestly a little off from the reality of the word, but that’s the difference between people.

Once we hung up I thought about how people have a variety of definitions for certain words such as hook up, dating, and lying.

I’ve done my fair share of traveling around the United States and whenever I remember to do so, I always ask people what their definition of hook up is. I’ve heard it defined as kissing, holding hands, meeting up with someone or a group, dating, and even sex.

The definition even varies with different generations. Older people tended to use hook up when referring to meeting up. Whereas younger people mostly used it in reference to something sexual.

Dating implies something different for just about everyone. I consider dating to be when you seeing another person exclusively yet are not fully committed to a serious relationship. Whereas other people I know consider it an actual relationship or the act of seeing multiple people at one time.

By definition, the word lie means “a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood.”

Weird how this tiny little speck of a word can be cause so much turmoil. A white lie, a fib, something you choose not to tell someone – call it what you want to call it – the fact is that it means you’re not telling the truth, hands down.

Last but not least is my favorite phrase of all time: talking shit. Being from the east coast, this was a common term I’ve heard since birth practically. In New Jersey, talking shit means talking about someone behind their back.

Actually – it means running your fucking mouth because you think you’ve got something to prove and heaven forbid the person your flaps are moving about were to talk shit on you, than you’d fuck their day up…possibly even their week.

I always hated how people in Jersey always felt that they had something to prove. Like, what in the fuck are you so angry about and who do you really have to prove anything to besides yourself and your family? The matter of gender does not apply to this in that both male and females act this way and that it’s not a mutually exclusive subject.

Sadly, the girls are probably worse than the guys.

I can’t even believe that its 1:07am and I’m writing about the definitions of random word. Really, I can’t believe that words can stray so far from their actual meaning

What are your definitions of these words? What other words or phrases can you think that have a varied meaning?


One Response to “Descriptive Words and Alternate Meanings”

  1. benarcher December 6, 2009 at 3:20 pm #

    Hook up has definitely got to be the most ambiguous.

    I think lies can be confusing, too (between guys and girls). “Keeping your word” is a masculine trait, in men or women. A more feminine person may not keep her word, yet is isn’t exactly “lying.”To the feminine, words and facts are less important than emotions and the shifting moods of their relationship. Men, generally, say what they think -or rather- the masculine does. The feminine says what she feels in the present moment.

    Like that example I used where a guy might say “You want to go the movies or something?” And she might say “Not really” But if he were to be enthusiastic and pick her up and say “Let’s go to the movies!” she’d probably say “OK!” Because she’s not really talking about the movies but her feelings w/ the relationship in that moment.

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